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A.W. / Real Estate

"Your expertise and personalized guidance has been instrumental in surpassing my health goals. The actionable practices and resources you shared combined with your knowledge, genuine passion and positive encouragement turned the process into a very enjoyable experience. I feel more energetic, confident, and in tune with my body than I have in a long while! I'm back, baby! :-)"

T.N. / Sales Executive

"It was truly a pleasure working with you throughout this process. You have been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration! You really opened our eyes to how we should think about our relationship with food. Thank you for customizing and tailoring this program to meet our needs, it was definitely a wonderful experience!"

C.L. / Art Appraiser

"I love working with you! I like that you don't try to make too many extreme changes at once. I love how the changes and plans has been manageable enough to integrate and become habit over just a few weeks, and we can build on that. I like that you're aware that any plan has to work for my lifestyle and preferences or it won't stick, and I think that's key. Even if change is slower, I know it is more sustainable to do it this way. Losing weight seems so overwhelming and impossible, but it helps to have the accountability to stay on track and the guidance to stay optimistic."

M.C. / Account Executive

"Mary has been fantastic in helping me to view food and nutrition in a positive light. Her positive attitude helps me get excited about the small wins and steps. Additionally, I never feel incredibly overwhelmed with rules as Mary has kept it simple and easy. This has allowed me to make small changes slowly. Mary has taught me how to look at food and taught me a simple way to include specific components in our meals. Mary has showed me quick ways to evaluate nutrition labels and read through food marketing fluff as well as new skills/tools on how to manage my health holistically."

P.P. / Marketing

"The 3-month program with you has been a godsend and a lot of fun! I now cook more at home with ease, had to buy new clothes because of my improved body composition and feel more confident overall."

N.Z. / Real Estate Entrepreneur 

"My 6-month program gave me the tools to know what to eat and how much. Mary is the best. I highly recommend her program. She is a wealth of knowledge. "

N.H. / Teacher

"Even if I don’t do all the meals in one week, I love having some new healthy recipes! I think the meal plan program is so great and helpful."

E.P. / Healthcare Consultant

"Working with Mary has reignited my excitement for cooking and creating colorful, nutrient-rich meals. Instead of it feeling overwhelming or intimidating, I look forward to my trips to the grocery store now and making meals that I know are helping me feel my best. I’m actually excited to tell my husband what we are eating for dinner! Mary also helped me see how meals can be repurposed and changed the next day to keep the variety going!"

W.K. / Financial Advisor

(Program Summary)

Over a 6-month program, this client enjoyed the process and program structure. Throughout the program, he improved his glucose, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, vitamin D, iron and testosterone levels. He enhanced his grocery shopping routine, experimented with new foods that make him feel lighter, but satisfied and improved his digestion, bloating and energy levels. This client feels much better overall and now has the tools to support his health goals and feels armed and confident to continue on the health journey after the program.

M.K. / Dir. of Operations (Program Summary)

Over a 3-month program, this client really liked the framework, guides and checklists provided throughout the program. Throughout his program, this client eliminated the need for prescription acid-blocker, improved digestion and bloating, reduced decision fatigue through Cultivate Nutrition’s custom weekly meal planning service, improved energy throughout the day, improved body composition (weight loss and waist reduction) and felt a renewed sense of excitement to try new foods and recipes. 

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