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1-on-1 Wellness Coaching

Let's go on an adventure together

to improve your health!

Get ready to feel more alive, empowered, confident, nourished and energized. Join me, your personalized dietitian and holistic health coach, as we partner together to meet your health goals.  

Looking to increase your energy, lose weight, boost your immune system, improve your digestion, end the on/off restrictive dieting cycle, prevent disease, nourish yourself and your family, balance hormones, become confident to make the right food choices and feel your best so you can conquer your days?

Cultivate Nutrition’s 1-on-1 wellness coaching support is science-based and designed to meet you where you are to offer a unique experience that will educate and empower you to create your best “cocktail” for healthy living. You will learn powerful tools (no strict rules here!) to help you overcome obstacles that prevent you from a healthy, vibrant life.

Healthy Lunch

All Private Clients Will Receive 

How We Work Together


Different programs (shown below) are offered to best meet your needs and level of desired support.


We offer a 3-month program and 6-month program. All programs are virtual (phone or video) and HIPAA-compliant. Each program is structured as follows:


Session 1: 60-minute consultation is designed to get to know you and your lifestyle through an introduction and completing a comprehensive intake form that includes a health and dietary assessment, past medical history and food preferences.


Session 2: 60-minute consultation to discuss your personalized Nourish Meal Plan and Well-Being Roadmap. These two tools are developed to give you the right education and framework to create a solid foundation on how to properly nourish your body so you can reach your health goals.

Follow Up Sessions: 30 minutes per session (via phone or secure video). The number of sessions available are based on the program selected (see below). During the follow up sessions, we will discuss what is working, what isn’t working and how we can overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from optimizing your health. Topics discussed will be based on your individual needs and can range from dietary education and enhancements, lifestyle modifications, daily habit tracking, virtual grocery store tour and supplement recommendations.

Colorful Food

3-Month Program:

Develop Habits Beyond Nutrition

Looking to cultivate the healthiest you? This program builds on the 1-month program and incorporates a holistic approach to optimal well-being. This includes a virtual grocery store tour and applying all of Cultivate Nutrition’s pillars of optimal well-being. 

Includes 8 virtual sessions, 24/7 access to me, unlimited access to your personalized health app to log your progress, receive educational tools and track personal goals.

Image by Heather Ford

6-Month Program: Sustainable Health Habits for Life

If you are looking to enhance your health and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will make an impact on generations to come, this is the program for you! We will build on the 3-month program and focus on making your new health habits stick.


Includes 11 virtual sessions, 24/7 access to me, unlimited access to your personalized health app to log your progress & learn the top 3 science-based topics that influence your health.

*Complimentary 15-min consult is available prior to selecting the right package for you.

Thank you for reaching out! I'll get back to you shortly!


I love working with you! I like that you don't try to make too many extreme changes at once. I love how the changes and plans has been manageable enough to integrate and become habit over just a few weeks, and we can build on that. I like that you're aware that any plan has to work for my lifestyle and preferences or it won't stick, and I think that's key. Even if change is slower, I know it is more sustainable to do it this way. Losing weight seems so overwhelming and impossible, but it helps to have the accountability to stay on track and the guidance to stay optimistic.

C.L.P / Art Appraiser & Art Advisor

Mary has been fantastic in helping me to view food and nutrition in a positive light. Her positive attitude helps me get excited about the small wins and steps. Additionally, I never feel incredibly overwhelmed with rules as Mary has kept it simple and easy. This has allowed me to make small changes slowly. Mary has taught me how to look at food and taught me a simple way to include specific components in our meals. Mary has showed me quick ways to evaluate nutrition labels and read through food marketing fluff as well as new skills/tools on how to manage my health holistically. 

Marissa / Account Executive

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