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Mary Stewart, RD, LD

Cultivate Nutrition is designed to educate and empower you to nourish your body and establish new health habits that will make an impact on generations to come. 
My philosophy is centered around YOU. You are uniquely designed. Your lifestyle is unique and your goals are unique.
Let's stop falling for the latest "diet" trends as if they are the magic bullet. 
My passion is to offer powerful tools to support your health. NO RULES, JUST TOOLS. No confusion around what, when and how to eat. Just education and tapping into your God-given intuition. 
I firmly believe you can become your own best nutritionist.
Cultivate Nutrition will give you simple, nutrient dense recipes, knowledge around holistic health and favorite products to make healthy living easier.
As a Registered Dietitian, certified health coach, former sales manager, wife and mom, I have both the credentials and personal journey to guide you and your family to feel your best!
Mary Stewart, founder of Cultivate Nutrition has been in the health and wellness for over 15 years. 
  • Registered Dietitian

  • Sales Manager for a leading corporate wellness company partnering with hundreds of employers and their employees

  • Nutritious Life Health Coach from The Nutrition School 

  • Holistic Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

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The motivation behind 

Even as a dietitian and someone in the wellness space for over a decade, I'm the first to say that being healthy is hard. We are surrounded by highly processed refined foods full of sugar and chemicals both in our food and in our homes. We are deceived by the food marketing industry with common labels like "all natural". 

Many of us are in front of a computer sitting for hours on end or chasing our little ones around that we barley have energy to make dinner let alone find time to exercise or manage stress.

So how do you live a healthy lifestyle in a world full of unhealthy?

Through my experience traveling coast to coast, contributing to a high pressure sales number, starting a family and managing work-life with 2 little ones - I've learned, and continue to learn, how to make health a priority for me and my family.

My passion is motivating and inspiring busy women to create their best "cocktail" for healthy living. My goal for YOU and your family is to be well nourished...happy, healthy and so full of energy you will want to conquer the world!

Life is ever changing and your health is dynamic - I'd love to help you CULTIVATE the healthiest you!

Let's do this!

Mary Stewart